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Saskatoon Software

Saskatoon Software Development, Solutions and Services

Saskatoon Software Services has been a leading Saskatoon software company for over 20 years. Amoungst the Saskatoon software companies, we pride ourselves in having gained the trust and respect of both clients and associates alike. From the beginning, we have provided a variety of services and solutions including: software consulting, custom software development, management software systems, software integration services, software management, custom databases. app development and much more.

Saskatoon Owned and Operated for over 20 Years.

Our Experience and Expertise

From businesses large and small to various non profit organizations, we have worked with a wide variety of clients with differing requirements and backgrounds. Our 20+ years of experience and expertise in working with these clients has given a deep knowledge base for different industries, organizations, business models and more. This knowledge, experience and expertise allows us to better understand and anticipate client requirements and needs thereby allowing us to more effectively and efficiently design, architect and develop custom software systems and applications.

Saskatoon Software

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust.

Our Software Services

Saskatoon Software
Custom Management and ERP Software

Custom management software and ERP systems are the perfect solution for businesses and organizations with unique processes, procedures, workflow and functional requirements. Every custom built management system is designed, architected and developed to the exact specifications of the client.

Saskatoon Software
Custom Software and App Development

If you have a great idea for a new website, web based service or mobile app, we can bring your ideas and visions to life. From initial concept through to research, prototype, project planning, development, deployment, marketing, support and more, we provide all the services you will need to succeed.

Saskatoon Software
Software Consulting and Advisory

Do you need advice regarding new software or a review of your existing software along with suggestions for improvements, upgrades and alternatives. We can help you to determine the perfect software requirements for your business or organization along with vendor selection and integration.

Saskatoon Software
Software Integration and Support

Integrating 3rd party software into your current operations and existing legacy software systems can be challenging. We can help to research compatible system and provide integration and even customization services to enable all your system to work together and provide ongoing service and support.

Saskatoon Software
Software Management and Support

Managing an ever increasing software stack which may include dozens of different cloud based, client side, server based software systems can be a daunting task. We provide complete software stack management including license management, scheduled updates, server side infrastructure, user support and more.

Saskatoon Software
Business Automation Solutions

The purpose of business automation is to lower costs, increase productivity, improve efficiency and streamline processes and workflow. Whether you choose a customized automation solution or a suite of business process automation tools, we can help to implement your business automation strategy.

Saskatoon Software
Custom Database Solutions

Whether you need to upgrade your legacy databases or need to build a custom database, we can help to determine your requirements and then to design and architect the perfect database for your needs. This includes database selection, design, architecture, development, front end UIUX, data migration and more.

Saskatoon Software
Digital Forms and Records

Businesses and organizations often need to manage dozens or even hundreds of differents forms and records as part of their operations, administrations and management. We help to keep everything paperless, centralized, digitized, streamlined, organized and accessible via cloud and mobile platforms.

Saskatoon Software
Custom Web Applications

Did you know that most of the more advanced and feature websites today are actually software applications with a web interface. So if you're looking to build a web based application, platform or service, we are your perfect partners as we provide everything from planning, design, development, management and support.

Hands-on Planning. Development. Implementation. Training. Support.

Our Development Process

Regardless of the nature of project or the type of client, we always focus on providing hands on service and support. Our process starts with:

Initial Discovery Interview

To better understand the client organization as well as the needs, requirements, objectives, goals and scope of the project.

Project Consultation

To help the client to turn their ideas, goals and objectives into an actionable and tactile project plan.

System Architecture

To produce the architecture of the system along with the database, data structure, functions, features, user interface and more.

Project Management

To manage the various programmers, designers, testers and technical resources rquired in developing the software.

Deployment and Training

To introduce the new software system into the organization and to train new users and administrators.

Service and Support

To provide ongoing data management, user and system support as well as maintenance, updates and upkeep.

Industry Leaders with Over 20 Years of Experience.

Some of Our Solutions

Solutions for Management, Processes, Workflow and More.

Benefits and Advantages

Your business is unique, and you need an equally unique system to meet your needs. See how a custom management and automation system can help to streamline and optimize your operations and management.

  • Reduce Labor and Operating Cost
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Lower Cost of Employee Management
  • Reduce Paperwork and Data Entry
  • Increase Price Competitiveness
  • Streamline Operations and Management
  • Centralize Management and Control
  • Increase Compliance and Accountability
  • Reduce Administrations and Overhead
  • Reduce Human Errors and Waste
Saskatoon Software

Custom Built. Perfect Fit. No Compromise.

Saskatoon Software

Benefits of Customized Solutions

  • Going custom means never having to comprise the things that makes your business unique. The way you work, the way you operate and the way you manage.
  • Custom software is based on your structure, management, operations, workflow and processes. It works exactly the way you want rather than forcing you to adapt.
  • One size doesn't always fit all. Every business is unique, so a standard off the shelf system can't delivery the exact functions and features you require.
  • Custom development means that every aspect of the system is fully integrated and centralized compared to multiple systems from different developers.
  • With custom software, you own your system which means you're in complete control. With off the shelf systems, you are at the mercy of the developers.
  • Because custom software is unique to your business, it give you a strategic and operational advantage against competitors using generic systems.
  • Your project management and development team provides long term hands-on training, service and support that no generic packaged system can match.
  • A custom system grows, changes and expands to help you adapt to the marketplace, to technological changes and to continually improve the business.

Knowledge. Experience. Expertise.

Some of Our Clients

Streamline. Optimize. Automate.


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